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Release 1.0.0

Published: May 9, 2021

The "v1" release; ready for production!

In this release I took care of a couple of custodial tasks that I had been meaning to do for a while before calling the app "version 1". First, I wanted to provide navigation links from the app back to this site so that users who found the app first can read more about it. I also made the navigation menu responsive so that it works well on mobile devices. I know a lot of users like to use the app on their mobile devices. Second, I wanted to take care of a few different cleanup tasks on the app's site metadata, including a new site icon and a basic sitemap. Finally, I added integration with Sentry so I could get notified if there are any uncaught errors that users encounter in production.

I've updated the screenshots on the About homepage to reflect the changes above (mainly the addition of the navigation menu). I hope you continue to enjoy using the app!


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